Chapter 1.


         Hi guys,
         It's Jérémy Bissen here, i'm a dj/producer living in Liège, Belgium, known under
         the name of "Mimi the Kid" and member of Mardasound Crew.
         I was born on the late 80's and felt in love with electronic beats during 90's golden 
         years. Music is a passion ever since that time and now I produce for pleasure to 
         share good vibrations !
         I'm resident at the After-Week club which is located in the centrum Marche en
         famenne. But I can also play somewhere near you, who knows... ;)

         Wanna get in touch with me ?
         Nothing easier :  Mail, form, Facebook, SoundCloud

         Have fun, keep on smiling and remember what Pietro Mascagni said :

                      '' Morder music is as dangerous as narcotic ''

         Cya very soon,











End of chapter 1.